When it comes to a first-time buyer mortgage, let Count Mortgage guide you through the process. Count Mortgage has thoroughly researched the market to find the very best offers, with the most affordable interest rates and the most flexible alternatives to suit your situations.

Count Mortgage assist many happy first-time buyers every year with a 100% customer satisfaction score. Count Mortgage is one of the best mortgage professional, have been able to find a great 90-100% first-time buyer mortgage to help make buying your dream home a more reasonable reality.

First-time Buyers are essential for the wider health of UK real estate. However, our current market forecasts for this year and next are predicated on fairly suppressed future levels of real estate transactions.

Whatever your housing requirements, we’ll assist you onto the property ladder using your commitment. There’s no skulduggery involved.

Count Mortgage uses an examined method called contract-based underwriting, and this technique works for first-time buyer mortgages in addition to other contractor mortgage products. Contact Count Mortgage now.

First time buyer mortgages
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Who can apply for a first-time buyer mortgage?

  • Who has never owned a UK property before
  • Should be buying a property in the UK.
  • Need to be a UK local or have full rights to live in the UK.
  • At least 18 years old, and the mortgage must end before you reach 80.

Choosing the best first-time buyer mortgage:

Buying your first home is an exciting time. However, with so many questions to be answered and plans to make, it can also be a little challenging. That’s why Count Mortgage, as a leading first-time buyer expert, has dedicated mortgage consultants.

They will calculate accurately how much you can obtain and what that would cost while also addressing the whole buying procedure, including likely legal, study and other expenses associated with purchasing.

Your consultants will then search out your first-time mortgage from an unbeatable whole of market option and provide a decision in principle, so you can begin looking for the property with total confidence.

Choosing a first-time buyer mortgage broker

There is a wide range of lenders and mortgages throughout the marketplace providing a vast selection of mortgages to choose from and helpful. However, it may be to have plenty of choices, and it can leave you feeling completely intimidated and confused.

Count Mortgage’s brokers of the first-time buyer can help get you onto the home ladder. You can be reassured that we can assist in buying your first house as straightforward as possible. It is crucial that you budget for all the expenses you might face as a first-time property buyer.

Buying your first home involves more than just a down payment and monthly mortgage payments, so consider your overall budget when looking for mortgage options.

Buying your first home incorporates more than simply the deposit and the mortgage repayments, so think carefully about your total budget plan when selecting prospective mortgage deals.

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