Commercial mortgage UK

If you choose to buy a property for your business, you will probably need a commercial mortgage. There are various types of loan easily available. You can use Count Mortgage’s brokers to get help with your commercial loans.

Count Mortgage is the specialist commercial property mortgage broker and provides business mortgages for all sizes of business. Its business mortgage brokers have a vast amount of experience in truly working with mortgage lenders.

This experience is essential and indicates that are property loan brokers know what commercial property loan lenders are trying to find and what is important to them. Hence, mortgage brokers will have the ability to set your demand in the most “lender-friendly” style possible.

What is a commercial mortgage?

It is a mortgage that is used to finance the purchase or refinancing of a commercial property. This can be a cost-effective method of funding either the acquisition of either land or structures or refinancing existing premises to clear equity or for redevelopment. Just like a residential mortgage, the bank will take a legal charge over the possession until the repayments have actually been made.

Taking commercial mortgage:

The possibility of getting a mortgage can appear frustrating, particularly if you currently have a mortgage on a residential property. But getting a mortgage for your office premises is simpler than you think when you use a competent mortgage broker.

Choosing a right mortgage broker:

A professional mortgage broker will have solid relationships with various lenders and instantly match you with the best loan provider based on your needs. Whether you need a construction loan, bridge loan or long term fixed-rate loan, Count Mortgage’s qualified mortgage brokers will be able to provide assistance in picking the very best lending source.

Everyone needs an advocate at times– a commercial mortgage broker is your supporter in navigating the commercial lending market.

Count Mortgage’s unique approach is to personalise your mortgage discussion and present your loan demand to the appropriate lenders for your particular transaction. Count Mortgage’s lender network includes commercial property lenders in the UK. Relationships within our network include Banks, Pension Funds, Private Lenders, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, Commercial mortgage conduits and other Institutional mortgage lenders. Contact Count Mortgage now.

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